Storage Secrets

We provide a website where you can generate secrets for accessing our storage servers inside our Kubernetes cluster. As of right now you can create 2 types of secrets:

  • SSH key for accessing SSHFS or to connect via SSH to one of our servers
  • Samba password for accessing your home directory on

To create your secrets you can visit the site at

Reuqirements before use

To use this service you must be a part of the META kerberos realm.

In addition to being in the correct realm you also need to have your kerberos name associated with your Rancher account. This association should happen automatically upon login to Rancher, but is a recent addition, so you may have to log out and back into Rancher at It may take up to 5 minutes for your kerberos name to be associated with your Rancher account, so please wait a bit before trying to access storagesecrets again.

Using the site

The site provides you with a form where you can select what type of secret you want to create and which server you want to access with it.

At the bottom of the site is a namespace selector, here you should select a namespace into which the generated secrets will be saved. If you don’t know what a namespace is or need a quick refresher, you can find more information here.

Once you press the “Submit” button your secrets are generated and saved in your desired namespace. You can use Rancher UI to access your secrets and view their contents.

What to use the secrets for

You can use the Samba secret for example while launching a Matlab application to use your home directory on as persistent storage.