Projects, Namespaces, and Quotas

Our container platform uses resource quotas on Projects and Namespaces. Quota is limitation on how much resources can user or group of users utilize. Kubernetes use two kinds of resource quotas: requests and limits. See kubernetes documentation for more information about this concept. Currently applied quotas are on CPU and Memory resources. These quotas are set on both Project and Namespace.

Personal Project and default Namespace has 20 CPUs request, 32 CPUs limit, 40GB Memory requests, and 64GB Memory limits. Other types of quotas are not set. User can request a new project with significantly larger quotas at IT Service desk.


Without requesting explicit project, user is given a Personal project with limits mentioned above. Together with the Personal project, default Namespace is created. Both the Personal project and the default Namespace have the mentioned quotas. The default Namespace is set to the exact quota as the Personal project which means that any new Namespace is out of available quotas. It is not possible to extend Personal project quotas so two options are here:

  1. Request explicit project.
  2. Decrease quotas for the default Namespaces and give spare resources to a new Namespace.

Changing Namespace Quotas

To change resource quotas for existing namespace, navigate through Cluster (1), Projects/Namespaces (2), select the Namespace (3) context menu and Edit Config.


Then you can change Resource Quotas for the Namespace as desired and Save them.


Creating New Namespaces

To make things work properly, do not create a Namespace using kubectl or helm or any other tools. It is possible but you will not see this Namespace in Rancher UI. Instead, use the Rancher UI to create the Namespace. Most tools like helm, kustomize should deal with already existing Namespaces just fine.

Resource Limits

If running container exceeds limits, result depends on resource type. If resource is CPU, container continues to run only the CPU is limited, i.e., it runs slower. If resource is Memory or ephemeral-storage, container is evicted, it can be restarted in case of Deployment but resource is not extended automatically, so eviction is likely to happen again.


  • Every Pod, Job, Deployment, and any other kind that runs a container needs resources attribute to be set otherwise deploy is rejected with similar error:
    Pods "master-685f855ff-gg9sr" is forbidden: failed quota: default-w2qv7: must specify limits.cpu,limits.memory,requests.cpu,requests.memory:Deployment does not have minimum availability.

    However, this should not happen for user as we set default container resources to 1 CPU and 512MB Memory for both requests and limits. This default is applied only in the case that user did not specify resources.

  • Quotas cannot be overbooked, so sum of quotas for all namespaces within a project must not be larger than the project quota. As we set initial namespace quota to be equal to Project, there is no room for additional namespaces. Users can create additional namespace but they need to decrease quotas on initial namespace first or request extending project quotas.

  • If users deploy more containers than quota allows, Pods are rejected immediately, Jobs and other types of deployment are pending until there are free resources within the quota.

  • Setting quotas on GPU resource is currently not possible.